A2Z PC is located at 2184 Dundas St West, Toronto, close to High Park area. We do in store computer and laptop repair services includes; laptop repair, notebook LCD repair, mobo, GPU, hard drive repair and replacement, power supply , video card, memory, CPU… all major computer components.


“A2Z PC Service located on Dundas at Bloor is a modest computer repair store. They have helped me out a couple of times with my laptop and have provided me with both excellent computer repair and customer service. Actually they were life savers for me. Viruses infected my laptop like it was bitten by a dirty diseased monkey and A2Z PC were my own personal Dustin Hoffman. The prices are reasonable and within market value as far as I know. I would say I am not very technology/computer savvy. I am in somewhere in between the scope of Derek Zoolander and Johnny Mnemonic. A2Z PC kept my laptop from overheating, being consumed by viruses and running out of power and I am very thankful and much obliged to them. I recommend A2Z PC Service!” Jenna M

“Fast – Honest – Customer Service Oriented Repair on high end gaming machines.
Fantastic experience with Ahmed. He was able to diagnose the crashing issue with my Alienware Aurora R-4 and then proceeded to research the problem and create options to rectify. His replacement of the coolant system was spectacular and incredibly fast.
Here’s the thing that impressed me: During the time that Ahmed had my computer, he called me at least once per day to offer status updates, report on options, discuss remedies and agree on solutions. I felt completely safe and in-the-loop with regards to the progress and the solution being implemented.
When we discussed the amount of hours needed, Ahmed low-balled the total hours spent. In fact, when I offered to pay him for the additional hours that he worked, he refused. Who does that?!??! I was shocked. His reasoning was that his price was fair for both of us and that he learned a lot by working on my machine.
Ahmad, I got the better end of that deal so Thank You. As repayment, I thought I’d write about my experience and hopefully give someone else out there a chance to be as impressed with you as I am. You’ve got my business and my family’s business going forward. Again, thank you for your professionalism, fairness and expertise on high end gaming machines. Cheers” Adam B

“Excellent, fast and friendly service, knowledgeable staff, affordable prices. What else can you ask for? Loved this shop, I’ll never go anywhere else, my old laptop’s hard drive crashed and died and had to be replaced, Ahmed did it in one day and altogether with labor only cost me $160 !!! Laptop has been working like new for a month now, everything was perfectly set up.” Maria M

“I just had the most fantastic experience with this computer repair shop and can’t recommend the place enough! The proprietor is courteous, very knowledgeable and honest. He fixed a serious problem on my laptop and did it perfectly, quickly and at a very reasonable cost. He could have easily charged me for unnecessary parts and I would never have known. Ahmed is a first class person, very ethical and professional. The shop is clean and pleasant and he gives the customer top priority.” Heather H

“Computer shops are like auto mechanics – unless you know one personally, you’ll never know the truth behind the work (much less understand it) Not the case here. Had a brilliant experience! The owner running the shop went step by step in deducing the causes until we arrived at the problem. What’s more, all the way along he explained what he was doing so that, I too, was informed. In the end, I walked away with a computer back up and running and for much less than we both first thought would be the case when I originally brought it in. If you’re considering this place…just have a read of the other reviewers.” B Tek

“Best computer build and repair I’ve ever seen. Quick, successful and friendly service and trustworthy. Would refer to everyone, thanks for the consistently great work over the years.” Robin Preboy

“I used Toronto computer repair services twice. The first time was a hard drive issue and they were able to recovery my data and replace the hard drive. The second time was a virus and also they were able to clean it up. I’m really happy with the service and customer service.” Andy Solomon

“I still remember when customer service and craftsmanship meant something. At A2Z PC I received more than good service. The detailed explanations and patient phone support made me realize I had found a new resource for my business. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for confidence and that extra mile.”‎ T. Rice

“The quality of technical support and customer service forced to write this testimonial to A2Z PC computer repair Toronto. I’m really amazed with the customer service. I’m Very satisfied with service result.” Robert Yang

“I got more than I expected from A2Z PC shop. I was really satisfied with the tune-up package. My computer was slow and almost I was to buy another computer. Now! I’m really happy with the tune-up and services and I would recommend everyone to use them for all computer needs.” John Maria

“I called Toronto computer repair for virus removal service. The technician was friendly and knowledgeable. He showed me over the phone that my computer will be with someone knows what he is doing! The service was done in just two hours. I’ll be back when I need my computer to be checked.” Sarah Patrick

“I had to take my computer in last week as it was just not working and that dreaded blue screen had come up. I walked up the street to A2Z PC Toronto Computer Shop. The technician told me I may or may not lose all the info on my hard drive. He had to get in and look first. I don’t know what magic he wielded but even though my hard drive was totally messed, he was able to retrieve all the important info for me. He was kind, informative and massively helpful. Much as I hope my computer never needs a new hard drive again, if it does, I will be running back to them. Thanks very much.” Rachel