Laptop Repair Toronto

Are you experiencing a slowdown of your laptop or getting an issue with the power? There can be plenty of issues that affect laptop performance and its working. Simply, bring it to A2ZPC, the team of certified and experienced technicians will diagnose the problem and help you get peace of mind with laptop repair Toronto services.

We have a laptop repair shop in Toronto that deals with all kinds of hardware and software related problems in your laptop. Our laptop repair Center is able to carry out circuit board repair and other services to eradicate the need for a replacement part.

We are a one-stop shop for laptop repair of all brands.
Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, LG, MSI, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Razer, Alienware

Laptop Virus Removal Toronto

If your laptop is getting a bunch of pop-up ads or redirecting to other sites or blocking antivirus websites, then you are dealing with a virus. We can help you eliminate the viruses by booting your device into safe mode, downloading antivirus software, and then remove the virus. We are here to let your laptop go back to normal functioning.

Laptop Memory Upgrade or Replacement

Getting an issue in boot-up? There is something wrong with your memory stick. The laptop specialist will open the laptop and will find the actual cause of the problem. We can replace the memory stick to let your laptop work correctly. We can also upgrade the memory to improve the performance of your laptop.

Laptop Overheating Problems

Has your laptop fan broken? Are you dealing with an overheating problem? We can help you by removing the fan and diagnosing the cause of its malfunctioning. We can also replace the entire fan. We can also fix overheating problems to stop your laptop from cutting off randomly. We are here to make the laptop repair experience smooth and stress-free.

LCD/LED Screen Repair Toronto

Does your laptop screen get damaged? Does your laptop display no image even if the screen is perfect? No matter what screen size your laptop has, we can replace it within a few hours. We replace the old screen with the original screen only and you will get 3 years manufacturer warranty. Replace it and get back to your work soon.

Laptop Power Repair
If your laptop is not turning on and you are clueless about the situation, simply bring your laptop to our laptop repair shop in Toronto. We can diagnose and fix power problems that may be caused by the damaged power button, a broken DC power jack, short-circuit, and others. We can replace the defective part and make your laptop work properly.

Software & Hardware Issues

No matter what kind of problem your laptop is dealing with, we can repair or replace the laptop hard drive, motherboard, video card, keyboard, WiFi connection, etc. Even if your laptop is facing some software related issues, we are well-versed with different software and give you the solution as early as possible. Simply contact us and get peace of mind with the right service.


How do I prepare my laptop for repair?

When you think that it’s time to take your laptop to the repair shop, you need to make some preparations. It is important to consider these things before taking your device to a laptop specialist.
● Make sure to have a data backup
● Delete personal or confidential data before a repair
● Ensure your data is encrypted
● Keep your software keys

Are laptops worth repairing?

When you are not confirmed whether your laptop needs repairing or replacement, it is better to start with a free repair quote. We will provide a free quote and will diagnose the exact problem. There are many factors that affect the decision of whether to repair or replace your laptop.

Is it safe to give a laptop for repair?How do I find a good laptop repair technician?

There are a number of ways to find a good laptop specialist. These include:
● You can ask your friends, family, or colleagues and know their experiences.
● You can use a search engine to find the list of laptop repair technicians in your area.
● You can also check the reviews and customers feedback of a specific technician online.
● Finally, make sure to call and consult your shortlist technician and check if they are the right choice.

What Causes Common Laptop Issues?

No matter how gentle you treat your laptop, there are chances of getting some issues eventually. There are many common laptop issues that can be resolved easily without spending more money on repairing.
● Overheating
● Battery not working properly
● Dislodges or worn out keys of the keyboard
● System crash
● Viruses or malware

Why do you Need to Get Your Laptop Fixed Fast?

If you are using a laptop for business purposes or you are a student getting online lessons on a laptop or you are an IT company employee using the laptop for your work, you need to fix laptop issues quickly to improve its performance and to increase productivity.

My Laptop will not turn on, can you help?

If your laptop is not turning on even when it is plugged in, there can be a faulty power supply issue or there would be some problem with the battery, motherboard, video card, or RAM. Simply get your laptop to us and we will resolve the issue in no time.

I am getting a random blue screen on my Laptop; can you fix this?

Yes, we can fix the random blue screen issue on your laptop. There can be some hardware problems, so we will first try it by rebooting into safe mode. If still, the problem is the same, we will go for other solutions, such as checking the memory, updating the drivers, updating the BIOS, and reset the system.

The port on my Laptop for charging is busted, and needs replacing. Is this something you can help with?

Yes, we can fix this issue. We will identify the cause of the problem. If we find that the power jack is connected to the motherboard, we will remove and replace it with the new one.

Can you fix a Laptop that has water damage or a liquid spill?

Yes, we can fix a laptop damaged due to water or liquid spill. We will turn off your laptop and will remove its battery, peripheral devices, and other components, and will soak the moisture to make your laptop dry completely. It will help in making your device work properly like before.

Do you sell replacement laptop batteries?

Yes, we do sell replacement laptop batteries.

Do you repair all brands of PC or Laptop?

We repair laptops for various brands. These include Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, LG, MSI, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Razer, and Alienware.

Can you fix my Apple Mac computer?

Yes, we can fix the Apple Mac computer.

Can you upgrade my computer’s memory (RAM) onsite?

Yes. We can upgrade your computer memory onsite.

What kind of laptop services does A2ZPC offer?

Our offered laptop repair services include:
● Laptop Virus Removal
● Laptop Memory Upgrade or Replacement
● Laptop Overheating Problems
● Laptop Power Repair
● Software & Hardware Issues
● LCD/LED Screen Repair
● WiFi Problem
● Laptop Keyboard Problems
● Data Recovery

Is it easy to book the services of an A2ZPC technician?

Yes, you just need to make a call at 416 534 1611to book desktop or laptop repair services at A2ZPC.

What forms of payment does a2zpc accept?

We accept cash, credit card, and debit card.

How do I keep from losing my data?

● Keep your laptop clean and dust-free.
● If your laptop gets hot quickly, consult with the technician.
● Take a backup of the data regularly.
● Keep anti-virus software up-to-date.
● Keep your passwords private
● Use security software.

Can I buy hardware or software from A2ZPC?

Yes, we do sell hardware or software.


Laptop won’t turn on or boot!

You have tried to turn on the laptop but the screen remains black or no light activities at all. Don’t worry, it could be a minor issue and we can help you to fix it. If you can see something on the screen but cannot login to Windows then let us check it for you & give you a free estimate. More…

Laptop is freezing or very slow

Laptop is freezing or very slow!

When the laptop freezes in the middle of doing something such as surfing the net, watching online video or doing anything on it or if it’s just only slow then bring your laptop to our shop in Toronto & let the technician do full diagnostics. More…

Notebook overheating problem

Notebook overheating problem

Laptop overheating issue is a common hardware problem. It could be the cooling fan needs to be replaced or adjusted and cleaned from Dust. It would be a good idea to maintain your laptop and keep it cool. If you have a question! Call us now More…

Laptop DC power jack is broken!

Laptop DC power jack is broken!

The power jack is the power connecter on the laptop where you connect it with the power adapter or power charger. If you break it and cannot charge your laptop then bring the laptop and the power adapter to our shop, we will repair it.

Laptop LED/LCD screen repair

Laptop LED/LCD screen repair

Did you break your laptop screen? No matter what size of screen you have, we can replace it in just few hours. We only carry the original screens and you get 3 years manufacturer warranty. Visit our shop & ask the technician to replace it. More…

Common software & hardware issues

Common software & hardware issues

We can repair any laptop hardware issue such as hard drive, motherboard, video card, wireless card…etc. We also, can fix windows error messages, blue screen, read disk failure, viruses, windows updates, internet connection…etc. Just call us now!