Laptop overheating issue is a common hardware problem. You may hear a noisy sound from the fan or you get a fan error message when you turn on the laptop. Some of the laptops models have a weak cooling system and needs to be adjusted or the dust blocks the fan and doesn’t spin as normal.

Regardless, you have a laptop from acer, Hp, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Compaq or Asus you may have an overheating issue. A2Z PC laptop repair will help you to replace the fan, adjust the cooling system and the fan speed. Call us now & get a free estimate.

Common overheating laptops models:

We repaired many models from different brands such as Hp DV 2000, DV 6000, DV 9000, DV6, DV7, and some of Pavilion Models. Dell, some of XPS models, Inspiron and Latitude. Toshiba, some of Satellite and Satellite Pro Models. Acer, some of aspire 5 series and 7 series Models.

My computer shuts down after overheating what should I do?

A2Z PC recommends not use your laptop when it overheats. Bring your laptop to our repair shop in Toronto for diagnostics. The certified laptop repair technician will provide you with a full report about issues, solutions and repair fees.

How long it takes to repair my laptop?

It depends on the situation. If only fan clean up, it may take few hours or max 24 hours. If we have to order some parts such as fan or heat sink then it may take couple days.


My Hp laptop was overheating and shuts down when I play videos or games. I took it to Toronto computer repair shop and the technician was able to fix it in 2 days. The technician also suggested using a cooling pad just to avoid this problem in the future. I’m so happy with the service and recommend them to everyone in the GTA. Sean Cale