Laptop is very slow! No problem. Toronto laptop repair will make your laptop running fast in just few hours. Call us now and let the technician give you a free estimate.

Laptop is very slow because of software issues:

When you buy a new laptop you will be happy with the speed and performance, but after few months the laptop starts getting slow day by day month by month until gets extremely slow and you cannot work on it. This is normal and you have to do some maintenance. Viruses, Spyware and Trojans could be the main reason to slow down your computer. These malicious software most of the time run at the background and make your system slow. Windows updates or drivers out of dates may cause this problem. As you see, there are many reasons, but you don’t know how to fix it. In this case we suggest you to try our tune-up package. This package will return your computer laptop like a new one.

Laptop is very slow because of hardware issues:

Hard drive issues could be the main reason of slowness or freeze up. Bad hard drives or some bad sectors make your laptop very slow, freeze up and sometimes blue screen of death. Also, bad ram memories or any other laptop’s components may cause this problem. If you see one of these symptoms backup your data as soon as possible or just call us now and let us do it for you.

How Toronto computer repair will help me to make my laptop fast?

Toronto computer repair technician will run a full hardware and software diagnostics. All of our technicians have at least six years experience in the computer repair field. Sometimes the technician could find out the problem right away when he looks at it. The hardware diagnosis will show if there is any issue with hard drive, memory or motherboard. The software diagnosis will find out if there is any issue with viruses, drivers, windows updates or any other software problem. After diagnostics, the technician will give you a call and discuss the repair solution with you.

A true story from our Archive:

Amanda brought in her Dell laptop to our shop for full diagnostics. The laptop was very slow and crashes all the time. It takes about five minutes just to load windows and sometimes doesn’t even load windows at all. The windows circle was looping and looping for ever and never stop. She also complained about blue screen with error message. Toronto laptop repair technician did a quick test on the hardware and found bad hard drive. The hard drive cannot be repaired. The only solution is to replace it with a new hard drive. The technician was able to recover most of data and transfer them to the new hard drive. Amanda got her laptop back after 24 hours.   

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