First Scenario; have you tried to turn on your laptop, but nothing shows on the screen? Do you have a black screen and no light activities at all? You cannot even see the manufacturer bios logo such as Dell, Hp, Sony…etc? If the answer is yes, then it’s a hardware problem. Bring your laptop to our shop and let us check it for you.

Second Scenario; you still can see the manufacturer bios logo, but you get a black screen immediately after the bios logo and totally blank screen or you get the black screen with many options such as windows repair, safe mode, safe mode with networking…etc? If the answer is yes, then it could be software or hardware issue. No worries call us now and let the computer technician give you a free estimate.

Third Scenario; you can see the bios logo, but cannot login to windows or the laptop shuts down or restarting by itself. It also, could be freezing up or doesn’t respond when you try to login. In this Scenario it could be Windows problem and it has to be repaired, hard drive issue and it has to be checked or overheating problem.

Laptop’s black screen examples

You may have one of the following black screen error messages:

No bootable device insert boot disk and press any key; this issue could be related to hard drive, Sata cable or faulty motherboard Sata controller.

A disk read error occurred press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart; this issue is related to a bad hard drive. We may consider to do hard drive repair or replacement.

Operating System not found; the MBR on the hard drive is corrupt and it has to be fixed or we can do Windows reinstallation.

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt; C:\Windows\System32\Config\System. You may see something different than System such as services or anything end up with dll. The registry hives are corrupted and need to be fixed. This issue is related also to bad sectors on the hard drive and it has to be replaced.

If your laptop black screen error message is not listed here call Toronto computer repair and tell them about the problem. Call us now!

A true story from our archive:

Fernando brought in his laptop to our shop with a black screen issue. It was showing a disk read error message. He mentioned that the laptop was very slow and was getting a blue screen of death. One day tried to turn it on and saw the black screen. The Toronto computer repair technician checked the hard drive by a special tool and found many bad sectors and clusters on the hard drive. Fernando was worrying about his data and files. The technician had to fix those bad sectors just to be able to recover the data. Fernando got his laptop back with a brand new hard drive and got his data back on.

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