Dell XPS motherboard repair
Dell XPS liquid damage repair

Jeremy brought in a Dell XPS 15 9550 that is completely not turning on at all. He spelled a little bit of wine. The liquid escaped from the vent to the motherboard. Unfortunately, Jeremy didn’t shut down the laptop right away. We believe that the motherboard has been shorted. The computer repair technician has tried everything possible to fix it. Now, we are waiting for some parts to arrive next week and hopefully will be fixed that time.

Jeremy has requested to recover his data from the hard while we are waiting for the parts. The hard drive was M.2 Sata with 700GB of data. We copied all of them into an external hard drive and gave it to Jeremy. 

A2ZPC- Laptop & Computer Repair Toronto can repair and fix all Dell brands such as Dell Inspiron, XPS and Latitude series.  If you have a Dell XPS 15 9550  with any problem, such as Liquid damage, fan, hard drive, Power jack, software issue, we will help, just call us or visit our shop located at 2184 Dundas St west, Toronto, Ontario.  

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