Hp Laptop Repair
Hp Pavilion fan cleanup

Atif brought in Hp Pavilion G6 to our shop for repair. The laptop has few issues. The first issue, the laptop shuts down randomly. The second issue, it doesn’t hold the date and time. The third issue, Windows 7 runs slow.

The computer technician had to test the temperature, open the laptop and check the fan. We had many cases similar to this case and we found that overheating may cause the laptop to shut down. The temperature was touching 90 Celsius degree.  The computer repair technician found a lot of dust and was blocking the vent. There is no enough air flow and that would explain why we have high temperature. The laptop went back to normal temperature.

The second issue, the laptop doesn’t hold the date and time at all. The technician changed the CMOS battery and the time was OK.

The third issue about the system runs slow because of some malware and some junk software runs at the background of Windows. A nice tune-up helped and made it much faster than before.

A2ZPC- Laptop & Computer Repair Toronto can repair and fix all Hp brands such as Hp Pavilion, ProBook and EliteBook series.  If you have an Hp Pavilion G6 with any problem, such as fan, hard drive, software issue, we will help just call us or visit our shop located at 2184 Dundas St west, Toronto, Ontario.

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