Lenovo Thinkpad repair
Lenovo T430 fan Cleanup and system Tuneup

Sophie called us today to find out if we are busy today or not. She wanted to clean up the Lenovo ThinkPad T430 fan and do a nice system tune-up.  The computer technician at A2ZPC found the fan is very dusty. He cleaned up the fan and checked the other hardware such as hard drive and RAM. The hard drive was 500GB HDD. It was almost full of data. He suggested changing it into a solid state drive. Sophie decided not to change the hard drive this time, but she will consider replacing it in the near future.

The computer technician found some malware and adware in the system. He cleaned all of them up and checked the outdated software as well. All important things have been done to make the system in better shape.

Sophie complained about the hot temperature and the slowness. Now the laptop is back to operate normally and smoothly  

A2ZPC- Laptop & Computer Repair Toronto can repair and fix all Lenovo brands such as Lenovo ThinkPad or IdeaPad series.  If you have a Lenovo ThinkPad T430 with any problem, such as fan, hard drive, software issue…etc We will help just call us or visit our shop located at 2184 Dundas St west, Toronto, Ontario.

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