Dell inspiron 5748 Keyboard replacement

Today, I will show you how to replace a keyboard on Dell inspiron 5748. It’s very easy and simple. You only need to order the keyboard and take 5 minutes from your time. The only hardware tool you need is a flat head small size screw driver.

First of all, remove the battery. It has to latches, carefully use the screw driver to pry the 5 holes on the top of the keyboard. There are tiny latches that you need to push them and hear a clicking sound. Gently, remove the keyboard from the right side to the left side. You may hear a cracking sound, don’t worry this is normal.

Carefully remove the ribbon cable by releasing the plastic latch to the top. Please don’t apply force. Try to clean underneath of the keyboard using a dry cloth.

Attach the new keyboard ribbon cable and secure it carefully. Put the new keyboard back in the right position and use you finger to push it all the way until the 5 latches lock it perfectly and you will hear a clicking sound. Put the battery back and try the keyboard. If it works without any problem then congratulations, you replaced the laptop keyboard by your self.

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