When you have a computer problem, you may go online or ask a friend for a reliable and honest computer repair shop. Why you need an honest service? Let say your computer doesn’t turn on or any other problem that it makes it glitchy. In this case you need an expert and honest computer technician. We understand the fact about being an expert but, what about honesty? An honest computer technician will tell you the truth about your computer, no more, no less. If the computer needs only power supply to fix the issue, then the technician would tell you that the PC only needs a power supply but, if the technician noticed something else, he should let you know about it and you will have the decision to repair it or not. The other case scenario, if the technician suggested power supply and other things that you don’t need just to make more money from you. As of end user, you don’t know if your computer needs those suggestions or not. The question here; How would I know if this computer place provides an honest service? If your friend recommended you to them, then you could ask him otherwise, try to search online about reputation and reviews. Trust your sixth sense and give them a call. If you feel safe and well, don’t hesitate to try them.

The other important part you may ask about confidentiality. Everyone has private data such as photos and documents. You don’t want anyone to look at your data at all. You need someone to trust and the trust is based on honesty.

A friend of mine who works as data recovery technician told me a story and I do trust him with this story. A customer called him for a second opinion on bad hard drive that was taken to data Recovery Company. The first company did a diagnostics and quoted him $1500 to recover the data. The chance of recovery was 90%. The customer rejected the offer because it was too much for him. The company tried to lower the price down to $1250 but, it still too much for the customer. He got the drive back and called my friend’s company. They took the drive and found it impossible to recover anything due to bad disk surface. The customer was shocked and said “why the first company said 90% chance of recovery?” My friend said that it’s impossible for anyone to recover a single file from this drive but, he was smart and ask the customer to call the first company and ask them what was wrong with the drive. They said it’s a broken head and they need to buy a donor to replace the head. My friend told the customer it’s true we have a broken head but also, there are many scratches on the surface to make it impossible for anyone to recover the data unless if they make an image of the hard drive and then damaged the surface to make it impossible for any other company and force the customer to come back to them. My friend suggested to go back to them and do the recovery. If they recovered everything then his theory is correct but, if they could not then they didn’t do the diagnostics properly. The customer came back after few days with all data recovered. He agreed with my friend that they did damage the drive after they imaged it. The customer took the company to the court and won the case.

A2Z PC Service is a computer repair shop in Toronto with over 15 years of experience in the I.T. field.

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