If you have a computer and for some reasons it has some issues and needs to be repaired, you will start to search for a reliable computer repair shop in your neighbourhood. The computer technician has to do diagnostics and give you an estimate. Some computer shops charge fees for diagnostics. Usually, those fees should be paid when you come and pickup the computer regardless if you decided to fix it or not.

Let say you have a 3 years old laptop and you bought it for $450 with taxes. The computer technician reported that there is a major problem with the motherboard and must be replaced. The final estimate is $220 labor and hardware before taxes. You asked the technician to give you one day or two to think about it. During this time you did the calculations and found it not worth it. Buying a new computer could be a better solution. In this case, what should you do? Obviously, you should inform the computer technician that you are not interested in of fixing the laptop and want to buy a new one. The technician should understand this point and ask you to pickup the laptop and pay the diagnostic fees. What about you decided not to pickup the computer and pay the fees? Let say the fees $50 and you did the math again and told your self why I should pay $50 for a useless computer? I could save it and pay it towards a new laptop. I don’t care about my laptop and I’ll leave it there for ever. If the computer shop calls me I’ll not pickup the phone. Is this the right way to deal with this situation? If the answer is no, then I really feel good. If the answer is yes, then for sure I’ll be disappointed.

The technician spent at least one or two hours from his time and you had agreed to pay the diagnostic fees. You should pickup your laptop or ask for recycling but, you have to pay the fees. What about if you decided not to pickup, pay the fees and answer the calls? The computer repair shops most of the time will hold the computer for two weeks, if there is no response from the owner, they will recycle the computer and keep some of the hardware such as hard drive, Ram, screen…etc.

Luckily, in our shop A2Z PC service, we don’t have many cases like the example we mentioned before but, we have found that we get similar cases once every ninety case which is not bad. The only high percentage cases we have noticed are data recovery cases. Customers drop off external or internal hard drives and ask for diagnostics. They usually try to get a price range or worst case scenario before they leave it in the shop. We always inform them about the best case and worst case scenario. We also, inform them about the diagnostic fees and how long it will take. When we finished the diagnostics and talked to the customers about what is the issue and how much is the final cost, we noticed that one case out of five cases customers abandoned their hardware and don’t pickup. Sometimes they don’t answer the calls or give us a common excuse such as very busy, relative’s death, travel…etc. When we get those excuses, we know that they won’t pay us the fees. Since the beginning of this year, we decided to charge the customer the diagnostics fees in advanced. This strategy will filter the customers and discover if they are serious or not. Also, this is a fair solution for each one.

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