No hidden fees, no surprises. This is our title since we started the business. A2Z PC service is a computer repair shop located in Toronto city. We have over 15 years of experience in the IT field. We also, have more than 4000 loyal customers from the GTA.

The first question we have been asked “How do you do the diagnostics?” The answer is very simple and clear. It will be based on what is the issue? Is it hardware or software? Most of the time customers call before they drop by the shop. They need to know if we are capable of doing the repairs. Also, they need to know about the fees, and how long it will take to get the computer fixed. Most of the time we can answer these questions but, sometimes it could be difficult to answer without doing the diagnostics. If someone called for a computer virus or Windows issue then the answer would be very clear about the fees, and how long it will take? The other case scenario especially if the problem is related to hardware issue, in this case we really need to check the computer and do the diagnostics.

How much is the software and hardware diagnostics?

Software diagnostic is absolutely free. Hardware diagnostic is $50. As you see, it’s very straight and clear answer.

Why do you charge for hardware diagnostics?

Let say John brought in a laptop that is not turning on or something wrong with hardware. The technician has to take it apart and spend at least one hour to test the component and find the issue. In this case, it’s very fair and reasonable to charge diagnostics fees. What about if John decided not to fix it after he got the estimate? Will we still charge him diagnostics fees? The answer is yes. As we mentioned before, the technician spent at least one hour and sometimes more than one hour, so we have to charge hardware diagnostics.

Do you provide an estimate before you do hardware diagnostics?

We can provide an estimate or a price range but, sometimes it could very difficult to provide an estimate for hardware needs to order it online or from a local supplier. Mary brought in a laptop with a liquid damage. She spilled coffee on it. Mary tried to get an estimate before can she make a decision on whether to fix it or to buy a new one. This is a good example of how we provide an estimate and let the customers know about what they may expect. The computer technician has to look at the model, the amount of liquid, and where exactly is the affected area. In this example, the keyboard could be damaged and need to be replaced but, Mary said that she doesn’t care about the keyboard and she needs the laptop to be fixed. The technician can expect a minor damage or a big damage on the motherboard. The technician provided a price range from $100 to $160 and also, mentioned that if the motherboard is totally damaged then it could be not worth it to change the motherboard for that model. Mary agreed to pay the estimated fees and requested not to replace the motherboard if there is a big damage on the board. She also, requested to recover the data if the repairs cannot be done. The technician repaired the liquid damage on the board and found the keyboard is damaged. Mary wanted to use an external keyboard and not to replace it. The total amount was $120 plus tax includes the diagnostic fees. Now, let say the technician cannot fix it, what should Mary pay in this case? Simple answer is only $50. What about recovering the data? The fees for recovering the data would be based on how many GB of data and where to save them? This is another estimate but, A2Z PC always provides a good solution and reasonable fees.

Finally, we hope you found this information is helpful and if you have any question don’t hesitate to call us or visit our shop during the business hours.

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