One of the most major concerns these days is the time. People don’t like to wait and prefer to do everything as quickly as possible. This definition will explain why people spend too much money to buy a high performance computer.

I remember 13 years ago, I bought a Toshiba laptop and I was very happy with it. It was fast, durable and reliable. The laptop was single core processor, 1 GB of memory RAM, 250 GB hard drive and Windows XP. After 5 years, I had to increase the memory RAM to 4GB and upgrade the hard drive to 500 GB hard drive. 2 years later, I had to upgrade the operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7. It was the maximum upgrade for this system and nothing more could have been done. In 2011, I had to change my laptop to something higher and I gave it to my kids to do school work. My kids still using the laptop but, they are always complaining about the speed. I keep telling them this is enough for you right now and when you go to high school I will buy another computer for you. The result of this story is to show us how the technology is important for us beside the time.

Why my computer is so slow?

To answer this question, we need to understand the relationship between the hardware and the software. The computer hardware is based on few components; Motherboard, CPU (Processor), Memory RAM, Hard drive and video card. Each one of these component is responsible of doing a unique task and they are connecting to each other. The computer software is based on the operating system such as Windows and the programs that installed on the system such as Antivirus, Office, accounting software, and graphics design…etc. The hardware and the software work together. We cannot ignore one of them. A computer has high performance hardware but, full of viruses and software issues will run slow the same as a computer with low performance hardware.

Step 1 Hardware upgrade:

If you have an old desktop computer or a laptop, you may need to upgrade some of the major component on the motherboard. You could upgrade the CPU if that possible but, you may not be able to do that if the motherboard doesn’t accept the upgrade. Check the manufacturer website for this type of upgrade.

The memory RAM is very important. If your computer has less than 2GB of RAM then you may be able to increase it. I would suggest at least 4GB of RAM. Check the motherboard website to determine how much GB you can add plus the speed of the RAM. Some websites offer a free check up by installing special software and recommend the RAM that will fit in your system.

Also, you can upgrade the Graphics card or Video card but, this could be available only on desktop computer not a laptop. If you play games or a Graphics designer then it’s very important to check your Graphics card performance. Also, a high performance Processor and high capacity of memory is really critical.

If you don’t have enough experience, I don’t recommend doing the hardware upgrade with this type of work and I would suggest getting help from a local computer repair shop or from someone has enough knowledge and experience in this field.

Step 2 Software solutions:

Many software issues could slow down your computer such as viruses, spyware, harmful programs, out of date drivers.

Viruses and Malware are the main reason of slowing down the system. They work at the background and run many tasks when you are working on the computer. Some of these viruses are really harmful and dangerous. They could damage your data, spy on you or display fake advertisements when you search on the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

These days I have noticed that high percentage of computers are infected with Adware pop-ups. These Adware hijack Internet explorer, Google chrome and Firefox. The Adware change your home page and display weird Ads. Also, by searching for something on the search engines, you may notice weird Ads and fake result. The Adware will hijack the search result and start to display their advertisements. Most of these advertisements are scam. They try to sell you some products such as fake Antivirus, registry cleaner or online backup. You don’t need to buy them but, they will try to convince you that you need them and sometimes they would display a fake scary message that your computer in high risk and if you don’t fix the problem and buy the software you may lose the data. Some of those scammers have a toll free number and customer service. They offer you free diagnosis and they are very nice over the phone. They will ask you to download and install a program to control your computer remotely and after doing a fake diagnostic, they would tell you that your computer in a bad shape and you need to fix it. They would offer you a package to fix your computer and most of the time the fees are under $200. Please, don’t do that and be a victim.

Viruses Cleanup; if you have a feeling that your computer is slow because of viruses then you should clean them immediately. Run your Antivirus and make a full scan. If the Antivirus didn’t find anything and your computer still slow, take it to a computer repair shop in your area and ask the technician to check your system for viruses. If you don’t have an Antivirus please, don’t install it on an infected system as you may crash or damage the operating system. Sometimes the Antivirus cannot find viruses and need an expert to remove them manually. A smart computer technician can find out if this is a virus case or something else.

Hardware drivers update; check device manager for out of date drivers such as video card, wireless card, chipset card and Audio card. Go to the hardware manufacturer or the OEM maker, find your PC model and install the new updates. Those updates are very critical if there is any problem with video performance, Wireless connections or system stability. This job may not be easy for you. If you are not sure how to do it, take it to a computer repair company in your area would be a good idea than to damage your system.

Uninstall Software; unnecessary programs may slow down the computer. They may run at the background, take a space from the memory and stress out the CPU. Go to programs and features at the control panel and check the software list you have on the system. Uninstall the software that you don’t need. Be carful! Don’t remove a program if you are not sure about it. It could be very important for hardware drivers. Remove only the programs that you are sure you don’t use them.

Computer tune-up; as you tune-up your car you also, need to tune-up your computer. A2Z PC Service has a good package for a PC tune-up. The computer tune-up package will include virus removal, hardware drivers update, uninstall unnecessary software, optimize the system and make it fast. A2Z PC will suggest an Antivirus protection in case of there is no Antivirus installed on the system or if it’s not enough to protect the system.

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