acer Nitro 5 boot error

A customer brought in acer Nitro 5 with boot problem. The screen displays error about no bootable device found. The customer had to turn it on and off many times just to be able to boot. The computer repair technician checked the M.2 Solid State Drive and found it OK but, we still get that error. We decided to change the hard drive. We took the laptop apart and remove the base cover plus the RAM cover. We put WD M.2 256 SSD and before we return the cover, we wanted to test it. The system was able to boot normally. We installed the operating system and hardware drivers. Everything went through without any problem but we noticed that the battery is not charging. The technician made sure that battery cable is connected and secured in the place. Everything was OK but we still get the plugged in not charging. We called the customer to ask about the battery as we thought that it could be a defective battery. The customer confirmed that battery was working fine. Sound crazy. The technician noticed a small latch beside the RAM cover so we he closed the cover, the latch was pressed all the way down and the battery was charging normally. We were happy that we found the solution without spending hours trying to find a solution.

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